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  • Why use podcasts?
    Podcasts give you instant access shiurim and recordings as soon as they are posted.
  • What programs/apps can I use to listen to and subscribe to these podcasts?
    You can listen to any podcast episode right here on the site. Just click on the episode you want, and the player will open up. For subscribing, on iPhone there is an app called Apple Podcasts and on Android you can use Google Podcasts. On an any smart phone, there are many podcast apps that you can download by searching for “podcast player” in the app store.
  • What’s wrong with downloading the audio files like I used to?
    Nothing!! What podcasts give you is the ability to “set and forget” the file download. Every time a new episode is posted, you will get it downloaded immediately to your podcast app.
  • What does “subscribing” mean?
    Subscribing adds new shiurim to your device without having to think about it. Each new episode will be sent to your device as soon as it gets published.
  • What about space on my device or the data plan on my phone? Won’t I go over my data limits?
    Most podcast apps have settings to limit data usage. 1. You can turn on automatic downloads to only work when you are connected to wifi. 2. You can also limit the number of episodes that will be stored on your device at any one time. 3. Once you get to the end of a recording, most podcast apps will delete it to save you space.
  • What are the benefits of using a podcast app and subscribing?
    1. The next time you are in the car and hit some traffic, the episodes you have not listened to will be there ready to go. 2. For those particularly slow or fast speakers, you can speed up or slow down the playback speed. You also get a “Skip backward by 15 seconds” or something similar in case you miss a point and want to jump back to hear it.
  • I’m having trouble setting up my device? I have more questions about how podcasts work?
    No worries! We’re here to help! Drop us a line by sending us an email and let us know whats going on. We’ll try to help you get started.
Podcast FAQ
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