Amud a Week

Weekly Talmud Topics

The Amud-a-Week program is uniquely designed to bring Jewish men of all backgrounds onto “the same page”. Hosted by local Shuls, classes are offered throughout the week on various levels on one page of gemara. Additional shiurim are available on the Amud-a-Week Podcast

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Eishes Chayil

Women's Prgramming

Eishes Chayil is the Women’s Division of the St. Louis Kollel. Under the current direction of Mrs. Gabrielle Solomon, it has continued to be an anchor for many women to connect through unique learning opportunities as well as social events for women of all ages.

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Jewish Ethics Institute

Business Ethics Lectures

The Jewish Ethics Institute (JEI) serves as an educational resource center for inspiring business professionals to develop a fresh ethical perspective and unbiased vision which enables them to face contemporary dilemmas and make decisions from a Torah perspective.

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Kinyana Hamasechta

National Gemarah Learning Program

Our Kinyan Hamasechta (KH) program is part of the National KH program ( and is designed to allow participants to not only learn gemara, but own it. This occurs through reviewing the gemara learned again and again...and again!

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Partners in Torah

One on One Torah Study for Beginners

Did you ever wish you had your own personal Torah trainer to help you with your spiritual growth in Judaism, free of charge? Now there is a program, called Partners in Torah, which offers Jews from all backgrounds and affiliations this opportunity! In cooperation with AISH St. Louis the Kollel runs this program at the JCC in Creve Coeur.

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Professional Placements

Recruiting and Talent Acquisition

Our mission is to assist in building a vibrant Jewish community. We endeavor to attract new families to St. Louis through sharing with others the beauty of our community and providing meaningful assistance in securing employment. Learn more at

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Senior Kollel

Senior Citizen Learning and Wellness

The Senior Kollel is an innovative program designed to offer learning, social and wellness programs for community seniors including daily gemara class for men, bi-weekly interactive "What If" class for men & women, bi weekly class in Jewish Thought for women, monthly "Balance For Balabustes", Mah Jongg tournament and much more.

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Torah and Turf

Young Professional Torah and Football League

Torah and Turf™ is a popular league with over 75 local young professionals involved. One of the main objectives of the program is to have stimulating discussions which focus on Jewish topics that interest the typical young professional. Currently TNT™ has spread to numerous other cities including Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit & Pittsburgh. The season concludes with the exciting National Shabbaton & Tournament held in St. Louis.

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Two Tablets

Medical Ethics Lectures

Directives on medical questions are found in all sources of Jewish law from early texts such as Talmud and Maimonides up to contemporary Rabbinic responsa. Using these texts and principles as precedents, Jewish Medical Ethics provide context and guidance for medical dilemmas that frequently arise.

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