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The Kollel opened in 1991 with four Rabbis. 30 years later, it has tripled in size. With more members than ever before, we are now able to offer more classes, more events and more learning opportunities. This allows us to reach more people and make much more of an impact in our community.


A Kollel is a place where Kollel Rabbis learn on a high level and develop into greater Torah scholars. From this foundation, the Kollel mission is further accomplished as the Kollel Rabbis and their families learn with others throughout the community, inspire others, and serve as exemplary role models of what a true Torah Jew is.


The St. Louis Community Kollel is dedicated to building and maintaining a  vibrant Torah community by meaningfully engaging all demographics through an array of community programming.

We believe that every Jew has a genuine connection to the Torah, and the strength of that connection determines the strength of our community.



A look at our learning schedule shows just how involved the Kollel is in the Greater St. Louis community. With offerings in many shuls, on every level, and for every Jewish demographic - from Tefillah Tune-Up for Men & Boys to the Senior Kollel, and monthly classes for the women’s Eishes Chayil division, there is literally something for everyone.


Community is the source of our continuity. The Kollel, now more than ever, is deeply intertwined with the community, and that involvement creates strength in our community, with a ripple effect that has no bounds.

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