Hailing from Charm City(Baltimore), Yaakov grew up ensconced  in the community of Yeshiva Lane. After making it through grade school, he finally came home to study at Ner Israel before leaving again to study at the Yeshiva of Cliffwood, New Jersey, finally making his way to the Holy City studying at the famed Mir Yeshiva.

In 2008, Yaakov married St. Louisan Rivka Serel Yaroslawitz (“Yari”) and they settled together in Eretz Yisrael for 4 years, coming back to St. Louis in September 2012, joining the Kollel, and Rivka Serel returning to her previous job, at the office of her father Rabbi Yari of Kulanu Yachad while at the same time being involved in the Kollel and community on many levels. They are the doting parents Shlomo Dov, Eliezer and Malka.

  • Rabbi Berkowitz runs our new community Amud-a-Week program
  • Rabbi Berkowitz gives the Wednesday night Alan Sabol Memorial Parsha class
  • Rabbi Berkowitz frequently lectures at NHBZ for the Synaplex