Rabbi Yaakov Silverman

Torah & Turf™

Rabbi Yaakov Silverman grew up in a home dedicated to serving the Jewish community of Atlanta, and is delighted to be following in his parents’ footsteps. Yaakov studied at Ner Yisrael in Baltimore as well as the famed Mir Yeshiva of Jerusalem under the auspices of the Rav Asher Areilli. After learning at the Lakewood Yeshiva, Yaakov returned to Baltimore, continued his studies at Ner Yisrael and subsequently received his Masters in Education from Johns Hopkins University. When Yaakov joined the Kollel, Torah & Turf had his name written all over it. A passionate sports fan with an appreciation for playing football in particular, Yaakov enjoys intertwining lessons of Jewish values into sports scenarios and stories in his class before every game. Additionally, he helps run the Kollel’s Young Professionals Network, arranging events and get-togethers for the young couples in our community. Yaakov is married to native St. Louisan Malka (Greenblatt), and to date, they are the busy parents of 3 (very bright) young children.