We are now in Year #2 and are climbing even higher!


The Amud-a-Week APP!

In an age where convenience insures participation and growth, we are proud to announce the next stage of the Amud-a-Week program. The Amud APP! This will enable users to gain immediate access to all the current shiurim as well as past shiurim.

A team of dedicated Amud-a-Week participants and community members have been working diligently on the “Amud App”. This App would allow participants to access current shiurim, archived shiurim, the ‘daf’ gemara and other information on their device at the touch of their fingertips. Additionally, there would be an easy downloading option to enable participants to watch shiurim offline. (We hope to add a short inspirational weekly Parsha Vort as well.)

The cost of designing and creating the App will be between $2,000 and $2,500. So far we have raised approximately 25% of the funds needed through the generosity of Mr. David Rubin, Mr. Michael Greenberg, Dr. Mark Friedman, Mr. Michael Shapiro and Mr. Michael Oberlander.

Please consider taking advantage of this amazing opportunity to facilitate even more unity and Torah learning for the broader St. Louis Jewish community. Please Click Here to make your quick donation to bring this app to reality!

Thank you in advance, and in the merit of your gift may you, your family and our entire community be blessed with continued good health, happiness, spiritual and material success.

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