Frequently asked questions about podcasts.

Why use podcasts?

Podcasts are used to allow users to receive content that is published regularly without the need to always check for new content and manually download it.

What’s wrong with downloading the file?

Nothing!! What podcasts give you is the ability to “set and forget” the file download. Every time a new episode is posted, you will get it downloaded immediately to your podcast app or to iTunes. Most apps will also delete the episodes automatically once it has been listened to.

What does “subscribing” mean?

Subscribing allows for all new content to be added to your device without having to think about it. Each new episode will be sent to your device as soon as it gets published.

What about space on my device or the data plan on my phone? Won’t I go over my data limits?

Most podcast apps have the ability to control these functions. You can turn on the automatic download feature to only work when you are connected to wifi. You can also limit the number of episodes that will be stored on your device at any one time. Most apps will delete an episode once you finish listening to it to save you space. You can download files you want to keep the same way you have been doing until now.

What do I gain by subscribing?

Peace of mind and ease of use.

  1. The next time you are in the car and suddenly hit some traffic, all of the episodes you have not listened to will be there ready to go without worry.
  2. Most podcast players give you the options to either speed up or slow down the playback speed, for those exceptionally slow or fast speakers. You also usually get a “Skip backward by 15 seconds” or something similar in case you miss a point and want to jump back to hear it.

What programs/apps can I use to listen to and subscribe to these podcasts?

On an iPhone, there is an app called Apple Podcasts that will hold the files and play them. On Android, you can use Google Play.

On an any smart phone, there are many podcast apps that you can download by searching for “podcast player” in the app store.

You can also subscribe to the podcasts on your computer using iTunes.

I’m having trouble setting up my device? I have more questions about how podcasts work?

Drop us a line by sending us an email and let us know whats going on. We’ll try to help you get started.