A 3-Part Series
Monday, July 16
Tuesday, July 17
Wednesday, July 18
10:30 AM-12:00 PM
An amazing program with inspirational educator, kallah teacher, parenting consultant, and counselor
Mrs. Sara Aliza Scheinberg 
on the topic of

“Yaakov and Esav – A Battle for Destiny”

Their cosmic struggle began before their birth and continues until this very day. What is the nature of their conflict? What are the stakes?
Join us for an exploration of the text to find the secrets it holds regarding the nature of predestination and free-will, the concept of “first-born” and Judaism’s view of the meaning of life itself.
Our journey will take us through the history of Ancient Jerusalem and Rome as we delve into the struggle of two cities who can never rise together. What led to the fall of Ancient Jerusalem and how can we finally rebuild her broken walls for good?

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$36 covers all 3 classes, plus light refreshments!


The Summer Yarchei Kallah program is made possible by the generous donation from the Fredman Family Foundation in memory of Mr. Alvin Fredman z”l

The special women’s program is made possible in part by a generous donation from Mrs. Ellen Abramson

In Loving Memory Of Dr. Neil Abramson

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