July 16-19
Yarchei Kallah
For Men, Women & Teens

Men’s Program

Find Your Seat In The Beis Midrash!!

Rabbi Shaul Sinsky was a Rebbi at Yeshiva and Mesivta of Baltimore for close to two decades and is currently the 12th grade Rebbi at Yeshivas Ohr Yisrael of Lakewood. He is well known as a superb Rebbi with the unique ability to explain even complicated Talmudic topics in a crystal clear manner. He connects, understands and mentors his many hundreds of students and is an extremely sought after Rebbi and education consultant.

Monday – Thursday July 16-July 19

2 Learning time options (Morning and Evening) at Agudas Israel

Hot Breakfast & Evening light refreshments

$50 registration fee

Excellent learning environment

Marvelous Maggid Shiur

…the only thing missing is… YOU!

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Women’s Program

Another exciting program with Mrs. Sara Aliza Scheinberg
Mrs. Scheinberg is a senior lecturer for Partners Detroit and has been involved in education for over twenty years. She has a unique ability to connect with women across the spectrum of the community and currently lectures on a wide variety of topics including Women in Tanach, Parenting, Marriage, Jewish Philosophy, and Jewish History. Sara Aliza is known for her passionate and intellectually stimulating classes that are both inspiring and practical. A highly respected speaker, Sara Aliza has been invited to speak around the country. She is a mentor and role model in her own community, and is sought after for advice about dating, relationships, parenting and spiritual growth. Above all, her most important and fulfilling role is that of a wife and mother.

Monday – Wednesday July 16-July 18

AM Time For Women and Evening Time For Teens TBA

Light refreshments

$36 registration fee

Intriguing Lectures

Marvelous camaraderie

…the only thing missing is… YOU!

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The Summer Yarchei Kallah program is made possible by the generous donation from the Fredman Family Foundation in memory of
Mr. Alvin Fredman z”l

The Special Women’s Program Is Made Possible Part
By A Generous Donation from
Mrs. Ellen Abramson
In Loving Memory Of
Dr. Neil Abramson

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