Bringing Joy and Meaning for St. Louis Seniors!

The St. Louis Kollel is pleased to announce the formation of its newest division, “The Senior Kollel,” an innovative progam designed to offer substantial learning opportunities for Senior adults throughout our community. Commencing in September 2016, seniors now have the opportunity to learn Mishnah, chumash, halacha and more at locations throughout the community. Classes take place Monday through Thursday for two hours each day under the leadership and direction of Rabbi Gidon Nitsun. Learning occurs at a relaxed pace and individuals are encouraged to participate in as many classes as they desire. Groups are small and no prior knowledge is necessary. The focus is on all areas of Jewish learning including Chumash, Mishnah, Navi, Hashkafa, and Gemara with many of its classes and programs directed by veteran Kollel educator and counselor Rabbi Gidon Nitsun. Artscroll texts with English translation will be primarily utilized.  An added component is an emphasis on memory strengthening with programs and lectures open to the public led by Dr. Yochanan Silverman, Medical Advisor to the Kollel. Guest speakers and workshops geared to assisting the senior population in being proactive in other health-related areas is also included in this initiative.

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