Did you ever wish you had your own personal Torah trainer to help you with your spiritual growth in Judaism, free of charge?

Now there is a program,  called Partners in Torah,  which offers Jews of all backgrounds across the St. Louis Jewish Community learning opportunities to discover Judaism, its culture, history, and traditions at their own pace.  Jewish men and women with an interest in acquiring specific skills or who simply want to build on their Jewish knowledge-base,  are matched,  one on one,  with a carefully selected personal Torah tutor or “mentor.”  Together you’ll discover those eternal truths that give our lives a sense of purpose and greater meaning.  In addition to making Jewish knowledge accessible to every Jew,  Partners In Torah of St. Louis aims to foster unity among Jews of all backgrounds and denominations.

Our goal is quite simple: To bring Jews together through the study of Torah.

Join any time you would like and continue for as long as you choose. Prior Jewish education or knowledge of Hebrew is not required.

Here are only some of the topics you may study:

  •  Jewish holidays and customs 
  •  Jewish philosophy 
  •  Weekly Torah portion 
  •  Marriage and childbearing 
  •  Jewish history 
  •  Jewish prayer 
  •  Mishna or Talmud 
  •  Jewish Law

The topics are endless and your individual course of study is up to you.

To join Partners In Torah, visit the Contact section of our website and Rabbi Moshe Glazer will contact you and answer any questions in a timely fashion.

If you would like to donate to Partners in Torah, Click Here.

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